Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22, 2013~~ Day 7 of the 28 day challenge

Well...  we started the 7th day of the 28 day diet bet and we're doing fantastic.  Of the 7.3 lbs I'm supposed to lose, I have 1.9 lbs to go.  Curt has another 3 or so lbs to go on his 12.7 lbs.  Its amazing how sticking to the diet and no alcohol works!

Monday, September 16, 2013

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013~ Day 1 of the 28 day challenge

So here is what we're doing.  Since we can't seemed to find anything to get us motivated, I had to go searching.  And I think I found just what we needed to get us moving!  I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir, but I found out through another blog about a website called, but the part we like it the diet bet.  You bet anywhere from $10 to $500 that in 28 days you can lose 4% of your body weight.  If you do, you split the pot between everyone else who also loses their 4%.  For me, that is about 8 lbs.  For Curt its about 13 lbs.  So we found one that suits us and bet $30 each.  Right now, there is $19,000+ in the pot so this could be fun. Now that we have money on it, we have to do it, right??  Today is day one.  We could have been doing it already but it was a no kids weekend, so we ate a little bad and drank a little beer and watched a whole lot of football. 

So goals:
EXERCISE DAILY, time permitting!

Here's what we ate:
C: coffee (shame on him....)
J: key lime pie yogurt, til I realized it was not Dukan friendly!

C: cheese, chicken wings, jalapeno sausage
J: buffalo chicken

C and J: meatloaf

C: ?
J: ?

Not gonna happen today.  I'm fighting off a lovely cold, but can't my life in general count as exercise?  I'm wrapping up several huge orders and I think by the time that my day is over, I've have more than 20 packages going out and one of those has 23 things in it!  Not to mention, I'm babysitting 2 toddlers today, I have a juggle around a DirecTV guy in there and somehow get out to Ethan's school and get him picked up at 3:30 and amazingly get him out to a court ordered alcohol class that is ridiculous to begin with... And then back home to eat real quick and get everyone moving on homework and get Berlyn to a school performance at 6:30.  I'm not even putting in here the part where Curt had to take off an hour early so someone can be here with my niece and nephew that I babysit til my brother gets here to pick them up and then kids need to be picked up from volleyball and play practice and get all those package down to the post office.  Sigh....  welcome to my life.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday, Sept 2, 2013

Well, I've picked up working out again.  Walking mostly, but at least its something.  Curt and I hiked 3.2 miles up to the top of Table Rock in Boise on Friday morning to see the annual hot air balloon launch.  It was amazing!  And the climb up was really hard on Curt.  The climb down was awful for me.  My knee just can't stand that kind of manipulation.  It hurt til the middle of Saturday. I'm going to try to post pictures of that in a few days.  This morning I woke before Curt so I creeped out of the house and went for a 3 mile walk/ jog.  My ankle is doing much better.  It's a little stiff in the morning but as far as working out, it feels pretty good.  I have reached 10 lbs. lost, with my lowest weight so far this morning.  Curt, weirdly, keeps going up drastically and down a little.  This morning his total loss is 7 lbs.  I think he's starting to feel a little down about it.  We're going to try to get exercise in for him too.  His work schedule makes it hard, but he's going to just have to do it. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Well...  I can try to pretend like everything is fine and dandy, but we're having neighbor issues again and it's getting me down.  In fact, Curt called me a while back today so I could calm down before he got home.  These stupid neighbors have been a thorn in my flesh since we moved in.  We had an issue exactly a month ago today and quite frankly, I've ignored these people like the plague since then.  As Curt puts it, that house doesn't even exist.  Well...  it's been a month, all has been okay until our HOA opened her mouth about a complaint we had and she PROMISED to not say a word to them.  Long story short, she did. And now the neighbors want to sue me for slander for something the neighbor himself admitted to and my cousin who was a witness will confirm.  Anyways, I suppose I shouldn't worry but these people non stop accuse my children of going into their backyard.  EVEN WHEN THEY ARE AT THEIR DAD'S HOUSE!!!  Hmmmm... makes you wonder a little.  I'm done bitching about this.  For now.

The diet.  For me, it's going well..  I've lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks, Curt has lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013- ANDDDDDDD...... We're off!

UGH!!!!!!  I hate all this!!!  My weight is getting me down.  BADLY!  So yes, I wrote a few weeks ago that we started back up.  That was very short lived due to several very stressful situations and activities that made dieting nearly impossible.  So here we are again.  I'm at my highest weight ever- 188.2 lbs.  WTF???????  I would have NEVER dreamed I'd ever be this big.  NONE of my clothes fit.  So it's time because by golly, I am NOT buying new clothes to say that THIS is ok!  To make this worse, I'm so out of shape/ big that I can't even work out.  Frickin' stupid!  Me, my past behavior is what I'm referring to there.  It is just pisses me off that I've allowed this. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 17, 2013

Wow!!  It's been a long time since I've posted anything.  I guess it's time to fill in all the blanks.  I'm saddened by my foot injury from the first weekend of May.  I still have huge issues with it.  It is swollen every night and in the morning, holy cow...  I stumble out of bed and limp around for about an hour.  I can't begin to work out, but I did start this week because I have to!  I have to do something and I have this theory that getting more active will help that thing heal faster.

I had every intention to have my weight way down before my brother's wedding.  Of course, I didn't.  In fact, at some point I just didn't give a crap.  I was really stressed out about the whole thing.  Curt and I both had big responsibilities.  For me...  those dresses kicked my butt.  I made the mock dresses and tried them on 3 of the 4 bridesmaids.  I couldn't get the other bridesmaid over to try hers on.  So after doing the mock dresses, then I started on the real ones and realized that the fabric she chose SUCKED!!  Thank goodness my sister in law is the easiest going person I know.  I went to her, 3 days BEFORE the wedding and showed her the "real" dresses and asked if I could change the fabric up again and she said, whatever you want.  So I quickly ran down and bought a shimmery cotton and, what a sigh of relief, made the 4 dresses with ease!  I actually got alot of compliments from people. So for as much trouble as those things were, it was worth it, I guess.

First weekend of June...  Curt woke up on that Saturday morning in horrible pain.  We spent some time in the ER.  His hernia, that has caused problems for several months, popped out and wouldn't go back in.  Long story, short...  he was out of work from June 3 to July 14 and had surgery on June 18 to fix it.  After a few weeks, he's feeling much better.  Hopefully he can start working out again too!  I've been looking forward to racquetball again!

My son is causing stress in my life.  He snuck out again.  He got arrested.  He made me mad.  I don't want to talk about it.  Just know it's there.  By the way, he's been on his best behavior.

We started back up on the diet on July 3.  We've been eating pretty carefully and all that.  I'm up and up and up and up and at my highest weight ever.  I don't get it.  I'm being very careful.  Quite frankly, I'm very discouraged.  I'm going to start posting more regularly to keep myself honest.  Maybe I'm missing something.  I will say that in my defense...  I have a horrible sun burn and at night, my legs are horribly swollen.  AND it should be TTOM in the next day or 2, but the latter has never really affected my weight all that much. I think that I'll try for an attack phase starting tomorrow (Curt already has his lunch packed and gone).  And I should mention here that Curt is also up a little so that is why I think I'm missing something.  We'll just get on top of this all and hopefully it will be better.  I'm tired of feeling like crap about myself. 

This morning's weight:
J: 186.0 lbs (up 1.4 lbs from yesterday, up 6 lbs since Saturday (!!!))

C: eggs
J: none

C: shredded pork, almonds, 0 calorie jello, pepper jack cheese, yogurt
J: 2 boiled eggs, jalapeno sausage and a handful of almonds

C and J: prime rib, sauteed onions and mushrooms, broccoli

J: 1 lt water, 1 lt 0 calorie Powerade, 2 lt 0 calorie lemonade

J: 62 minutes on stationary bike, weights

Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013

It's been awhile.  We fell off the band wagon...  again.  But we've been really good since Tuesday.  We went out of town last weekend.  Curt, Briyanna and I jet boated up the Salmon River for 3 days.  Our first night there...  I sprained my ankle pretty bad. I was going to put a picture of it on, but it won't load so I guess not.  So we were stuck up a river for 3 days, not knowing if it was broken or not, with only ibuprofen, whiskey, vodka and beer.  I did ALOT of drinking to just make thru the weekend.  And alot of sitting.  I actually did do a little work the last day but I regretted it by the time I got home.  Now..  the foot is a huge, black, useless stump.  I damaged every ligament in my foot.  Awesome....  That darn right foot.  I might just cut the darn thing off.  When we got home and back in the grove on Tuesday, we weighed in and OMG our weights were atrocious!  I weighed the heaviest I've weighed.  EVER.  Curt encouraged me tho.  His theory is that my foot is so swollen that I'm carrying extra weight.  I'm agreeing.  Because I makes me feel better.  Since Tuesday, I'm down 5.8 lbs (so is my swelling when I weigh in) and Curt was down 5 lbs, as of yesterday.  Starting next week, I'll start writing down our weights and what we eat.  Right now, we're just doing a 5 day attack.  I made some pretty amazing Mexican food dishes that I tweaked to make Dukanish.

Tomorrow we get to go to district trackmeets to go to state.  Ethan is currently ranked #2 in the state in the 800 (1/2 mile)  and #4 in the 400 (1/4 mile).  And he's not even going to run the 400 for districts.  Dumb!  Briyanna has PRed in the 800 a couple times this season and will probably get to state in the 1600 (the mile) for sure.  Should be a fun, HOT (90 degrees) day.